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Valorant new map is nuts. Here is everything we know about the 6th map.

Riot games is all set to blow a tropical vibe into the game. Now players will have a map set at Bermuda Triangle

Valorant Breeze Map
Valorant Breeze Map

Hey Valiant, If some of you are bored from Valorant then here is Riot games coming up with the all-new map to spice up things again. Here is everything we know about Valorant new map “Breeze“.


Valorant new map will be the sixth map getting released as confirmed by Riot Games itself on their Twitter handle. They will release with the battle pass of Episode 2 Act 3. Fans have been really desperate to see some changes in the game and have been constantly teasing Riot games, Breeze will be finally coming out in some days.

Location Set

So Riot Games is teleporting fans from a secret kingdom in the poles to a tropical island in the Southern part of the Bermuda Triangle. The Sun will shine brightly above your head and the atmosphere is going to be humid so do not forget to carry a water bottle or an energy drink with you whenever you are going to a fight on the sandy beaches.

Something that will make it a noticeable change from the previous map “Icebox” to valorant new map “Breeze” is that it will have a colorful surrounding with flowers, trees, blue sea, skies, clouds, houses rather than being all white and snowy around.

Valorant new map
Source : Valorant Twitter

The Release Date

Valorant new map is all set to be released on April 27, 2021, and Riot is planning to release it with the Act 3 Episode 2 Battle pass release. Another piece of information we got from Riot that they don’t have any plans to release any new agents as they want to focus on this map pool going to the VCT Stage 2 Masters, which is going to be held at Reykjavík, Iceland, in May. For the first time ever in the history of Valorant that Pro players will be competing in an official LAN event by Valorant themselves.




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