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Updated- How to get Among Us Invisible name or blank name

In this guide, you will know the updated method of how to get Among Us invisible name or blank name.

Among Us invisible name
Among Us invisible name

Among Us invisible name: Imagine you killed a crewmate in front of another but still managed to save yourself from getting thrown out of the ship as an imposter. There are thousands of players who are using this simple trick to fool the entire crowd of crewmates and getting the sweet victory.

In this guide, you will know the updated method of how to get Among Us invisible name or blank name. Unfortunately, the developer of the game, InnerSloth patched the previous method of pasting the blank Unicode for Pc by tagging it inappropriate. Still, some Among Us players have found a unique way to have the Among us name invisible to other players.

Among Us Invisible Name For Mobile

For Android and IOS, the previous trick works to a certain extent as of now. They just have to copy and paste the invisible Unicode in their name section. The drawback here is that it may not work in some game modes.

Among Us Invisible Name For Pc

Now coming to the Pc part, previously the process used to be very simple of just copying and pasting the invisible Unicode in the name section of the game. As per the latest update, the developers of the game have patched it and now players are not able to copy-paste in the name section. Though some tech-savvy have found a way of changing the name by directly accessing the root file of the user database. The steps are as follows :


Download the Among Us game if you don’t already have it installed on your computer. Click on the Account option on the top right corner of the landing page and then change your name or give yourself a new name.


Now open the user database on your computer. Generally, it’s in C drive>Users>(Computer Username).


Now, you are required to search up a secret folder to proceed further. you just have to add “/appdata” on the address bar. Or you may directly paste “C:\Users\(Fill your Computer username here)/appdata”.


Now open the LocalLow folder inside the Appdata folder and search for Innersloth. Then you can find Among Us folder.


Open the playerpref file with a text editor, and paste the invisible Unicode “ㅤ” at the starting of the text containing numbers and boolean values, and then save the file.

Latest Update

Innersloth seems to have patched both the simple copy-pasting the hangul filler Unicode in the name section of the game as well as pasting the same in the user Appdata file. Players have reported having been kicked out of the game for inappropriate usernames. Moreover, some users saw no change in their name even after pasting the blank Unicode in the Appdata file.

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