How To Talk To Joey In Fortnite: Location On The Map

Talk To Joey In Fortnite: Hey wassup, Fortnite fans! I hope you all are putting your last effort into completing all the weekly challenges to earn your fresh battle stars. One of the tasks of the week is to talk to joey, who is believed to be an intergalactic shapeshifters. As joey is always moving, it can be certainly dificult to complete tasks associated with this inter-galactic being. Still, there some usual locations where he can be found then anywhere else.

Believer Beach Location

This is one of the most likely place where he can be found. He can be found near the southermost part of the trailer park at the back of the resort. As i have already mentioned, there is no exact spawn point of joey so there is also a high probabilty that you will not find him there. In that case, he is spawned right opposite of the island in Dirty Docks.

Dirty Docks Location

Incase you didnt find him at believer beach, it is highly suggested to leave the game and enter a new lobby as it will be really difficult to pull of the task without being killed by another player or the closing storm. The spawn is usually a red-brick shed near the main entrance of Dirty Docks where you can talk to joey in fortnite.

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