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What is the full form of CEC? What does CEC stand for?

full form of cec

full form of CEC, CEC full form, and What is CEC? full form of CEC in text, full form of CEC in education, full form of CEC in education, full form of CEC in education. For what CEC stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

The Full form of CEC is Chief Election Commissioner, or CEC stands for Chief Election Commissioner, or the full name of given abbreviation is Chief Election Commissioner.

Cheif Election Commissioner

The Cheif Election Commissioner of India is the head of the Election Commission of India, which is reponsible for conducting free and fair election to the national and state legislatures and of President and Vice-President

Full Form Of CEC

Full FormCategoryTerm
Canadian Electric CodeComputer and NetworkingCEC
European Committee for StandardizationComputer and NetworkingCEC
Consumer Electronics ControllerSoftwaresCEC
Cation Exchange CapacityChemistryCEC
Cell Evaluation ChipElectronicsCEC
Consumer Electronics ControlElectronicsCEC
Control Electronics ContainerSpace ScienceCEC
Control Encoder CouplerSpace ScienceCEC
Crescent City (ca)Airport CodeCEC
Certified Executive ChefCertificationsCEC
Clear Enter ClearComputer Assembly LanguageCEC
Cebu Eastern CollegeEducational InstituteCEC
California Energy CommissionPhysics RelatedCEC
Commodities Exchange Center, IncStock ExchangeCEC
Central Electronic ComplexMilitary and DefenceCEC
Computer Engineering CenterMilitary and DefenceCEC
Cooperative Engagement CapabilityMilitary and DefenceCEC
Civil Engineer CorpsMilitary and DefenceCEC

Few more full forms of CEC include :

  1. CEC – Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC)

The Consortium for Educational Communication popularly known as CEC is one of the Inter University Centres set up by the University Grants Commission (UGC). It has been established with the goal of addressing the needs of Higher Education through the use of powerful medium of Television along with the appropriate use of emerging Information Communication Technology (ICT). CEC was setup in 1993 as a nodal agency to coordinate, guide & facilitate such educational programme production through its Media Centres. Today 22 Media Centres now known as Educational Multimedia Research Centres (EMRCs) are working towards achieving this goal under the umbrella of CEC .

2. CEC – The Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children(CEC) is the world’s leader in the development of standards for special education teachers. Practicing special educators can use the CEC standards to help them maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of their students. For further reading refer What Do the CEC Standards Mean to Me?: Using the CEC Standards to Improve My Practice – Margaret D. Crutchfield, 2003

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