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How Does Google Search Works And How It Influences The Internet?

how does google search works
Google Search


If you are wondering how does Google search works then you are one of those nerds who likes to dig deep into the functioning of everything. In this article, I have tried my best to explain the basics of how Google search works.

As of 2021 Google constitutes almost 91% of the search engine market cap so it is quite fascinating to know how it works. Even If you are a website developer, work on a CMS ( Content Management System like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, etc. ) or have your own offline business that you plan to shift online someday in the near future then this might give you the basic idea.

How Does Google Search Works?

First of all, sites are not charged to be included in google search results. The easiest part is you have to do nothing to be included in the index because Google is a fully automated search engine that uses something called a google search crawler that travels through the world wide web regularly and finds sites to add to the search results to the Google search index. Some SEO Experts will be surprised to know that most of the sites ranked in google are not manually added but were done by the google crawler.

Three Essential Steps In Which Google Search Works

To properly understand how does google search works you have to understand the steps that are going on in the backend.

  • Crawling: This is where the entire process begins as automated software like google crawler sets into the web looking for pages, sites that are newly formed or recently updated. Now the software sends the data to google’s database of big lists to store the addresses (mostly page URLs). The main method by which we find pages are following links from pages of websites that we already know about.
  • Indexing: Now the second process begins where google visits the pages again that it found recently and analyses it ends to end including all content, images, and video files trying to understand what the page is about then the information is stored back in the database which is then used by Google for indexing process.
  • Serving search results: Now when it comes to showing the result, Google is a very user-oriented company so it determines which site would be suitable for the user by serving the best quality content. There are several factors that google takes into consideration while determining the best content for the end-user some of them are the user’s location, language, device (desktop or phone) and previous queries. There is no option to rank organically on google using paid option ( Advertisements are different ) and everything is done organically using Google’s secret algorithm

how does google search works should not be a mystery to you anymore? Cheers😀😀

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