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Google Intel Gemini Lake Chromebook


CTL Gemini Lake Refresh Chromebooks

Exciting news! CTL introduces the upgraded NL71 series Chromebooks with the latest Intel Gemini Lake Refresh processors (N4020, N4120). Whether clamshell, convertible, or rugged, these Chromebooks have been improved to provide better performance.

Article Update: New Intel Jasper Lake Platform

The popular Gemini Lake Chromebooks have been updated to the new Intel Jasper Lake platform. CTL’s NL Series and PX Series Chromebooks now boast the following improvements:

  • Extended Google AUE to June 2030
  • Up to 30% improved application performance over Gemini Lake models
  • Up to 78% graphics performance over Gemini Lake models

Looking for Chromebooks with Intel Gemini Lake processors? Explore CTL’s latest Intel Jasper Lake Chromebooks.

CTL Chromebooks NL71 Series Features

Exciting enhancements in the NL71 series include:

  • Clamshell, convertible, and rugged designs
  • Latest Intel Gemini Lake Refresh processors (N4020, N4120)
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds up to 1.7GHz
  • Convertible touchscreen models (NL71T and NL71TW) with Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Optional protective cases with 360-degree screen rotation for tablet mode
  • NL71 clamshell model with an anti-glare screen, HDMI port, and available options like the X-panel model (NL71X), touchscreen NL71CT and NL71CTX, and LTE support

Advanced Features

  • Water-resistant keyboard
  • Reinforced ports, hinges, and power plug
  • Dual HD cameras for versatile recording or video chatting
  • NL71TW includes a Wacom EMR stylus and optional 8GB memory with 64GB storage

CTL President’s Perspective

CTL President, Erik Stromquist, highlights the overall performance improvement, expanded Wi-Fi speeds, and MU-MIMO support, benefiting schools considering 1:1 deployments.

Warranty and Purchase Information

All NL71 series models come with a 1-year Parts and Labor Warranty, along with 2-way shipping for the first year. Upgradable warranty options are available. Purchase CTL Chromebooks NL71, NL71CT, NL71T, and NL71TW from CTL.net, resellers, or distributors like Ingram Micro and Synnex.

Users of Chromebooks sometimes have trouble finding their Google account settings, which can cause verification issues. A recent forum post brought up this concern and started a discussion for guidance.

One user couldn’t find their Google account settings on their Chromebook and was worried about verifying their account without a phone number or alternative account. A community expert suggested using ‘chrome://os-settings/osPeople’ as a solution.

To help troubleshoot, the user shared details about their Chromebook, including the version, platform, and firmware. The community needed this information to provide tailored guidance.

As the conversation progressed, the expert explored the nature of the verification request. Was the Chromebook initiating it, or was it a second-factor authentication? The user was prompted to consider using other devices for verification.

The community collaborated to troubleshoot the issue after the user shared their Chromebook details for analysis. Users were reminded to prioritize security and seek official Google support or the Chromebook manufacturer for persistent challenges.

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