Answer Unlocked: Which Is The Major Organic Product From The Following Reaction? CH3CH2(C=O)OOH – Br2 Pbr3 H3O+

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hence the correct option is option A(first option)

The given reaction involves the organic compound CH3CH2(C=O)OOH reacting with Br2, PBr3, and H3O+.

Based on the reagents, it appears that the reaction involves the conversion of the carbonyl group (C=O) into a different functional group. The reagents used suggest that the reaction is a halogenation and subsequent substitution reaction.

The major organic product from this reaction would be the substitution of the carbonyl oxygen with a bromine atom (Br). This would result in the formation of an alkyl bromide.

The specific product would be CH3CH2(C=O)Br, which is an alkyl bromide derivative of the original compound CH3CH2(C=O)OOH.

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